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MAR 2 2015 ASHTAR ON THE ROADBut this is a critical time, as you measure it, and things are going to speed up even more.  And there will be even more events and occurrences. And it is for you to be among the Peacemakers and the beings whose Mission it is to help others to uplift. ... as they say in that song - and has never been more true than it is in this moment – 'What the World needs now is Love!' So be bringers of LoveLight.
FEB 24 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEYou are to join with your inner Earth cousins and create new governance. This model is to spread across this solar system as you forge your new star nation.  This new star nation has been given a mandate by Heaven... to bring peace to and unify this great galaxy. This grand mission is to help turn your star nation into one of the most respected.

FEB 24 15 BLOSSOM GOODCHILDThis Miracle that you have chosen to reside in upon the Earth plane is the most proficient multi, bulti,(?) billion, trillion dollar residence that you could come across. You are married… if you like. What vows ? What promises are you now prepared to make to that partner?  "To Love and to cherish … so long as we both shall live?"
FEB 17 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThe main task of our mission right now is to see that a number of special trusts are properly released... --  The Light is doing all of this. Hence, these many transfers are in their preliminary stages of operation. Therefore, in the next time period you are about to receive funds. These funds are merely to begin projects, your prosperity and new governance.
FEB 16 2015 BLOSSOM GOODCHILDSo, if you were to think of another soul in a less fortunate situation and know that your FEELING of Joy can be felt in exactly the same way by them … know it as TRUTH … then do you see how much you are changing your world? You are assisting greatly by thinking and FEELING in this manner.
MAY 13 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEWe serve only to ease your pain and to prepare you now for a most wondrous dispensation granted to you by the Almighty. One cannot exaggerate the nature of this dispensation and how you are being readied for a most incredible journey. In this magical moment, you are healed of all things and...
FEB 13 2015 SALUSA...but before long you will see that those who represent the Light take charge. They cannot necessarily bring changes in immediately, but like President Obama have to bide their time doing what they can, whilst holding positions of power. Be assured that the Light will win the day ...they cannot stop the inevitable victory that the Forces of Light are striving for.
FEB 10 2015 SHELDAN NIDLERight now, you stand at the very tip of some great changes. Even the Anunnaki, long the overlords of the dark, now rejoice at the Light’s grand victory.   This divine play is reaching a climax. The Light is soon to come forward and describe in detail what you have truly done.
FEB 6 2015 SALUSAWe encourage you to remain safely within your Light, and to not get directly involved in vendettas against the dark Ones. They will meet an end dictated by their actions against Humanity over Millennia of time. They have set the path in motion that leads to their demise, and an end to their actions against those of the Light.
FEB 3 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEYou are on the edge of receiving a great prosperity. In other blessed times the concept of a jubilee was common. This was done every fifty years. At that time, it was appropriate to erase all debt and begin again from scratch. Both of these measures are to be combined and you are to receive funds, which have been expunged from all of your previous debt.
FEB 3 2015 GALACTIC Q & A WITH ASHTARBY ASHTAR'S SPECIAL REQUEST! Anne, Ashtar wishes you to please post this if you so wish? Thank you dear sister!!  ~ Pallas Athena - This message arrived about midnight - and here it is, all dressed out for you!  Ashtar answers question after question - what an education!  ~ Thank you Ashtar!
JAN 31 2015 SALUSADear Ones we hear your pleas and requests for help, and soon we shall be able to assist you in a more direct manner. Have no fear at any time, as the lower energies will attract a like energy, whereas you are working with the higher energies.
JAN 27 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThis past week saw a grand series of checkpoints reached. Some amazing events are fated to occur in the coming week. You are actually now on the verge of the beginnings of the various blessings arriving. We are ecstatic that this is indeed the case.
JAN 23 2015 SALUSAYou are seeing more of our craft in your skies and also some that are of an enormous size. This is to assure you we are quite capable of dealing with any problems that may arise, and that we command the airspace around your planet. -- It is not our way to engage in a war in Space...
JAN 23 2015 FEDERATION OF LIGHT - BLOSSOM GOODCHILDUnexpectedly, Blossom is invited to try a new procedure. She, and we, are introduced to live channeling from the Federation of Light. This was  successfully completed, insomuch as the Federation intends to continue to utilize this new procedure - providing accuracy and better assimilation.
JAN 20 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEWhat is left is simply the time to go within. Learn in your meditations about yourself and those who in Spirit guide you. - Soon, a fleet of great heavenly ships is to descend, with your ancestors and kin. Greet them and know in your hearts that a time for a grand reunion of Heaven and Earth has arrived.
JAN 13 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThus, each of us possesses a great storehouse of truths about this reality and many, many others. We have taken our mentors and matched them to you. Once chosen, each mentor has been accompanying your medical team as it makes its nightly rounds.
JAN 6 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThe first month of the New Year promises to give you the prosperity and governance which has long been prophesized for you.  It is this new governance that is finally to permit disclosure. Our personnel are ready to announce themselves and open the communication channels with you.
DEC 30 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEYour future is indeed bright. We see ourselves as mentors for each of you. Together, we are to forge the means to solidify and sustain a galactic-wide peace. We are as well to be the core of a union of galaxies, which are to spread the Light throughout this section of physicality.
DEC 23 22014 SHELDAN NIDLEIt is essential that at least proof of something positive needs to be done. We have instructed our earthy allies to implement a series of programs to free your blessings. These new policies are in the process of being implemented even as we tell you this. We fully expect major arrests and even the implantation of NESARA to follow shortly.
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