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JAN 27 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThis past week saw a grand series of checkpoints reached. Some amazing events are fated to occur in the coming week. You are actually now on the verge of the beginnings of the various blessings arriving. We are ecstatic that this is indeed the case.
JAN 23 2015 FEDERATION OF LIGHT - BLOSSOM GOODCHILDUnexpectedly, Blossom is invited to try a new procedure. She, and we, are introduced to live channeling from the Federation of Light. This was  successfully completed, insomuch as the Federation intends to continue to utilize this new procedure - providing accuracy and better assimilation.
JAN 20 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEWhat is left is simply the time to go within. Learn in your meditations about yourself and those who in Spirit guide you. - Soon, a fleet of great heavenly ships is to descend, with your ancestors and kin. Greet them and know in your hearts that a time for a grand reunion of Heaven and Earth has arrived.
JAN 13 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThus, each of us possesses a great storehouse of truths about this reality and many, many others. We have taken our mentors and matched them to you. Once chosen, each mentor has been accompanying your medical team as it makes its nightly rounds.
JAN 6 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThe first month of the New Year promises to give you the prosperity and governance which has long been prophesized for you.  It is this new governance that is finally to permit disclosure. Our personnel are ready to announce themselves and open the communication channels with you.
DEC 30 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEYour future is indeed bright. We see ourselves as mentors for each of you. Together, we are to forge the means to solidify and sustain a galactic-wide peace. We are as well to be the core of a union of galaxies, which are to spread the Light throughout this section of physicality.
DEC 23 22014 SHELDAN NIDLEIt is essential that at least proof of something positive needs to be done. We have instructed our earthy allies to implement a series of programs to free your blessings. These new policies are in the process of being implemented even as we tell you this. We fully expect major arrests and even the implantation of NESARA to follow shortly.
DEC 16 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEOnce deliveries are done, new governance is to come into existence. We are now waiting to move our chosen individuals to Washington where they can assume the key positions in temporary governance, which is to set up a return to constitutional and common law. This is to be a prototype for a number of others who are to take over other regimes...
DEC 9 14 SHELDAN NIDLEMany wonderful miracles are to occur during this holiday season. Be ready to accept these, and to rejoice at what Heaven is to give you. The coming year is to be filled with even greater miracles and the final steps by which you are to start your ultimate alteration into full consciousness.
DEC 8 2014 ASHTAR - COSMIC LIGHTThe students are calling to this mighty Cosmic Light that is being consciously directed by Great Beings from the Central Sun. The Cosmic Light has become the initiator for the New Age.  Dear Ones, mankind gets their initiations right here in the outer world in daily living, instead of in the Retreats, as formerly.
NOV 25 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEBe proud of Heaven and ever thankful for those things now happening. A new realm is being born in which you are to change sorrow and want into joy and abundance. Heaven has sent you a grand fleet of your fellows, dedicated to seeing that this magnificent transformation occurs as Heaven so envisioned.
NOV 18 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEOnce disclosure occurs, we can make announcements and truly start new operations, permitting us to complete more missions in open daylight. At that point, our ships are to begin to take a first wave of interested individuals to our motherships – where we will conduct a general tour, along with a time where we can begin a dialogue about the actual coming of people’s mentors.
NOV 11 2014 SHELDAN NIDLE...the dark’s allies are crumbling in the face of a broad legal attack, which threatens their very existence. Hence, use your own inner good offices to assist us in manifesting a new reality for humanity. As you do this, open your hearts to the Light and merge with us, with grace...
NOV 9 2014 ASHTAR COMMAND/ GALACTIC FEDERATIONWho are the Galactics? - I have noticed that people interested in UFOs and Galactics often have not studied ascended mastery. I also noticed some very advanced spiritual people often do not know much about Galactics. Only recently have Star Seeds and Light Workers begun to learn they are one and the same group.
NOV 4 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEThis coming time is when you are to be able to see a series of sacred events; events that are to transform the very way this reality operates. With Heaven’s guidance, our blessed task is to oversee the events that are already starting to manifest. At first, they will have a scattered effect. Then a veritable avalanche is to follow.
NOV 2 14 SANANDA NEW EARTH HOLOGRAMOn September 22, 2014 the Equinox heralded high energy coming to Earth. On this day there was an alignment between Earth and Galactic Center. This alignment is rare and when it happens it opens a gateway wherein great change can occur.
NOV 2 14 SANANDA - BY SPECIAL REQUESTThese big arrests could prevent the United States government from holding elections due in November. This could trigger President Obama to negotiate with some select members of the Pentagon and members of the Intelligence Community to move forward with a Formal Disclosure BEFORE scheduled elections. It can happen anytime.
OCT 21 14 SHELDAN NIDLEAt the right moment, we are to land and introduce you to your many mentors. Then, you are to look deep within yourselves and prepare for what the Crystal Light Chamber is to give you, full consciousness. The last stage is the actual transporting of you to your assigned spot in a great number of Crystal Cities.
OCT 14 14 SHELDAN NIDLEWe are overseeing the security forces to ensure that no shenanigans occur as monies are transferred. Those involved with the arrests and the transference to new governance are likewise completing the evidence trails to isolate these rapscallions from the public. This procedure is nearly ready to yield results.
OCT 7 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEWe intend to take a more active role since new heavenly decrees now infer this. Heaven implored us to interfere in a most positive way and ensure that the forces of the Light succeed. Thus, this is the time when the dark is to fade ungraciously from the scene.
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