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AUGUST 12 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEThese events are to allow you to transform and unify the realms of Inner and surface Earth. Our fleet awaits what is shortly to happen. The Agarthans are also prepared to reveal themselves when we start our set of lessons.
AUG 5 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEWe understand the full significance of what is to precede our arrival on your most beautiful shores... You next need time to get used to your new found prosperity and your reacquired freedoms and personal rights.  Finally, you are indeed ready for us to carry out a special global mass landing. This is to bring your much-needed individual mentors!
JULY 29 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEYou combine, in your now mixed ancestry, the ways of nearly 50 human star nations. This conjoined ancestry is most advantageous. It gives you a new way to look at what you are to face daily in your mission to bring Light to this entire galaxy. Added to this is wisdom, grown generation by generation from all the misery you encountered on your numerous life journeys through darkness
JULY 22 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEThe dark fills its bags for you with woe and destruction. This is no longer to affect you or even this realm. The dark is to be moved to a place where it can no longer prevent what Heaven has so proclaimed for you. The Light is indeed triumphant! A new era of peace, prosperity and cooperation dawns upon the Earth.
JULY 21 2014 SHELDAN NIDLE (July 15)Today, we briefly looked over what is happening on your world and reviewed some of the phenomena now happening to you. You are on a journey, which is very quickly to alter this realm and return it to her former self. This return is to bring us to your door and prepare you for your final grand leap into full consciousness!
JULY 8 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEHence, the many activities across your globe show you that the plate tectonics are to shift and forge a new surface for her. To accomplish this you are to be moved to your Inner Earth residences and personal Light Chambers approximately 14 months after the mass landings.
JULY 1 2004 SHELDAN NIDLEThe dark cabal cannot escape its fate. Even so, these scalawags are our brothers and sisters who at the time of full consciousness are to return to the fold. We know this and see the purpose of this final part of our mutual journey: to learn a simple fact ­ we are indeed All One!!
JUNE 24 2014 SHELDAN NIDLERemain ready and prepared to do what is spiritually necessary for your freedom. A great prosperity and a great shift in this reality are upon you. Your spiritual and space families are here, and liberation is to be proclaimed
JUNE 17 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEThose involved with replacing the current defacto American government are nearly ready to manifest this project.  The dark ones can feel this Light shield rising around this planet and they are unable to prevent it from manifesting. Look for wonderful events to begin to appear everywhere.
JUNE 10 14 SHELDAN NIDLEThe ancient families that have long been in charge of a vast secret depository of gold, silver and precious stones are ready to take your prosperity to the next step. They have arranged with us to bring your abundance to the delivery stage. We bless those in a number of governments...
JUNE 3 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEThe dark is reaching a point where it needs to surrender and ask for divine mercy. We do not wish to deny them blessings, nor do we desire to let their malevolence continue. Instead they are to be isolated until measures can be taken to prevent any further trickery from succeeding.
MAY 27 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEWe are assisting Gaia to minimize what is to occur. The seabeds need to continue to rise, and broad changes in your normal patterns. These changes are readying Gaia's surface for the massive series of acts that are to reshape her continents, alter her oceans and set up...
MAY 20 2014 SHELDAN are being remade by Heaven into a fully conscious Being. You are also to become the hosts for conferences that are to include the representatives of literally thousands of nearby galaxies. In this mode, you are to unfold the divine plan for this sector of physicality.
MAY 13 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEWe serve only to ease your pain and to prepare you now for a most wondrous dispensation granted to you by the Almighty. One cannot exaggerate the nature of this dispensation and how you are being readied for a most incredible journey. In this magical moment, you are healed of all things and...
MAY 6 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEOur beloved associates are finishing off a most marvelous set of enterprises that are to terminate the power and the lies of the dark ones... Heaven and her emissaries arrive. The dark is now to allow all that has been given us to appear.This path is to lead you to facts and realities that set the table for the arrival of our space and spiritual families!
APR 29 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEHeaven is preparing to give you a higher set of gold and silver cords. ...These symptoms are to abate as you become more accustomed to a higher energy field flowing throughout your body. These alterations are to prepare you for the coming of your Galactic Federation mentors. With these transformations in place, you are ready to have them interact with you on a daily basis.
APR 15 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEYou are now on the verge of freedom from the dark and need to clearly understand how this world is to be disassembled. Sift through this knowledge carefully and understand how the dark wove the sinister web that is this present reality. Then use your abilities and resources to construct its successor.
APR 08 2014 SHELDAN NIDLE...we have watched as Heaven adjusts and recalibrates your mental emotional and physical bodies. As each of these reaches a higher vibration, you become able to absorb new perceptions and rethink the foundation of your various core beliefs. With these small transformations you are then ready to receive what we need to tell you.
APR 1 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEThis new day is to contain a global jubilee along with a general prosperity. Governance is to run under the purview of the people. Large illegal corporations and banks are to be dissolved and their replacements limited to the wishes of the people. The old ways are to fade away swiftly. A new reality is to take hold.
MAR 25 2014 SHELDAN NIDLEWe are nearly to the level where new governance can be officially announced. As this galactic month of Mac winds down, know that a new reality is to appear brightly before your eyes. In the new reality, you are to hear clearly of our benevolent mission to your world, and of our mass landing on your beautiful shores!
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