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MAY 26 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThis is where NESARA now stands: at the very edge of manifesting. As the blessings pour in, this system can finally be relevant to these times!
MAY 19 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEA number of new actions for a much faster fund transfer system are ready, and soon, with the help of our allies, we can begin to pull the plug on a “SWIFT” system that is at the heart of these numerous delays. A new freedom-laden, prosperous realm is now nearly ready to manifest.
MAY 12 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThese activities are not to be known until the final actions are complete. Thus, it is important that each of you remain aware of what is happening “behind the scenes.”  These things are presently happening and are nearly ready to be announced. These new currencies are to tie in with a global need... and the rise of new governance and worldwide prosperity.
MAY 9 2015 BLOSSOM GOODCHILD … is a specific encounter of a magnitude that can be recognised for what it is. We do not ask you to expect this spectacular undertaking to coincide with the offering up of the prayer. We ask the prayer to gain momentum in numbers and sincerity and TRUTH OF HEART … then shall we consider the possibility of its occurance.
MAY 5 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEOur liaisons report that great progress is being made on setting up a secure and reliable system for the global transfers of your many different types of humanitarian and prosperity funds. This month is beginning to shape up as the time when these funds can be safely given to you and are to be the much-needed preliminaries for disclosure...
MAY 8 2015 SALUSAKeep on looking ahead and let the past remain where it is, as in time it will no longer have any bearing on your spiritual needs. The experience has built up your strength and ability to overcome. You are far greater than you imagine; and yet to realise your full potential. It will come sooner than you imagine and hereon you will soon enjoy your experiences in the positive vibrations.
MAY 1 2015 SALUSAThe eyes of the Universe look your way as what is about to happen is an event of great significance. You have everything to look forward to and it is not far away at all.  So allow the dark energies to be played out, as they need to be, and as they do so, much remaining karma will be cleared away for good.
MAY 1 2015 SANANDA - ACTIVATING THE ANDROMEDAN STARGATESananda puts a whole new focus on WHY we all came to get this job done and WHY so many others - from other universes and dimensions - are here to see that this happens. And WHY it HAS to happen! Our education begins! Thank you, Elizabeth Trutwin, for your presence in this Activation. Huge information here
APR 28 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEWe possess the energy to alter this reality and to permit all to transform the struggles that surround you. Inside you, waiting to be revealed, are ancient wisdoms, which you innately possess. This is the time to go inside and let this greatness out.
APR 22 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThis process is actually going to permit you to jump ahead by centuries, which such an evolution normally takes. You have this heavenly dispensation since you are ending a most unjustified plunge into limited consciousness. Know that you are a vital aspect of the Creator's divine plan.
APR 19 2015 BLOSSOM GOODCHILDIs this what we do … on order for the great change to take place? -- Indeed. As we have explained … the Lighter the presence of those upon Earth … the sooner communications can be outwardly displayed between your world and ours. … breaking through the mists, preparing souls for what is to come. - Which is? Excitement. Joy. Wonderment. Peace … Movement!
APRIL 17 2015 SALUSAYour current cycle has come to an end, and there are signs that the new one has started to influence your actions. Look for the Light in everyone at all times, and when the opportunity arises, share you joy and happiness with them. It is amazing how quickly a kind word or gesture will lift up another soul, and raise their vibrations.
APR 15 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEAll of this is just additional proof that you are finally to receive a large prosperity package in the coming weeks. In fact, these events are as well to bring all of us closer to disclosure. We have never been as close to the point where disclosure is to happen.
APR 12 2015 BLOSSOM GOODCHILDYour world has traveled so far down a pathway that was unexpected from whence the ‘project’ began. Yet, FREEDOM OF CHOICE as a collective has brought you thus far … and FREEDOM OF CHOICE as a collective … shall set you FREE.
APR 7 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThere is a grace descending from on high. It dearly intends to alter this realm and prepare the way in joy for your final transformation. Be aware of this and be ready to be thoroughly accepting of a number of grand gifts. We are preparing lessons to explain all and to ready you for the arrival of our space family. 
APR 4 2015 ASHTAR - EASTER WINDOW FOR DISCLOSUREThis will be the year for a great Jubilee. It is in this Easter Window for Disclosure that the steps needed will begin. It does not have to be on Easter. As the Full Moon lunar eclipse brings Higher Energies from Alcyone to Earth, see it beginning to unfold. We have Won!
MAR 31 15 SHELDAN NIDLEThe most important point is to realize who you are. Go deep within yourself and discover by meditation how you truly “tick.” Use this daily exercise to understand in full measure who you are. Learn to consult this Inner Self. By using a great amount of tending, your inner realm starts to emerge. As you show your care daily, great wisdom begins to form.
MAR 24 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThese formal announcements are finally to permit us to come before you and openly declare our timetable to you. At that time, we can announce some preliminary landing instructions. We want you to have an idea of just how many scout ships are scheduled by us to land on your beautiful shores. Our mentors also wish to begin a general dialogue with you.
MAR 21 2015 ASHTAR/PALLAS ATHENAPallas Athena has been staying here with Anne for two weeks.  Ashtar has joined us with frequent personal messages, also with comments for the collective.  I am posting messages of March 13, 17, and 20th.  I know you will enjoy them.
MAR 17 2015 SHELDAN NIDLEThey are finally testing the new system. This system is tied to the global currency reset. In addition, this process is eventually to produce the conditions whereby the NESARA legislation can at last be enacted in the U.S. and globally. New governance is the most important goal for us.
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